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Gas Pump Accessories

We manufacture and market several gas pump accessories including gasoline pump nozzles, gas pump nozzle swivels and a fail-safe break away nozzle with hose. The fuel nozzle being offered is C.A.R.B. approved (California Air Resources Board) and features a blue scuff guard. It's designed for unleaded gasoline dispensing.

The fail-safe break away gas nozzle is also C.A.R.B. approved and features a 360-degree swivel. The breakaway hose coupling is a safety feature that comes into play if someone who's been fueling their vehicle neglects to take the nozzle out of the car's fill receptacle and drives off. This will prevent gas pump damage. It boasts a mere 1.5 lb pressure drop at 10 GPM.

The gas pump nozzle swivel, also C.A.R.B. approved, has only a one pound pressure drop at 10 GPM. It has a 3/4” threaded male coupling on one end and a 3/4” threaded female coupling on the opposite end. All these items are quality made and affordably priced.